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Here is a list of our most commonly asked questions, ranging from the general to how to pick a HVAC contractor.

Are programmable thermostats worthwhile?
Yes, the programmable thermostats save money and increase comfort at the same time. Contact us today and learn more about the nee technology that's available!
Are technicians certified?
All of Environmental Taming's Technicians are EPA certified!
Are vehicles company owned and identified?
All of our trucks are company owned, insured and have signs on them for easy identification.
Does my air conditioner need regular service?
Yes, By servicing your unit twice per year, you are able to maintain the units efficiency and reduce the possibility of breakdown by at least ten fold!
How long does an air conditioning unit last?
With proper servicing, a new unit can last up to fifteen years.
How should I pick the size for my new unit?
The proper way to size an air conditioner or heat pump is to have a computerized heat load done as well as a duct inspection. This will give you the proper size unit for the most efficiency and longest life!
Is the company bonded?
Environmental Taming has a cash bond with the registrar of contractors!
Is the contractor insured?
Environmental Taming maintains Liability coverage for all jobs.
Is the contractor licensed?
Environmental Taming is Licensed by the State of Arizona License# 268845 for your protection!
Is the ductwork size important?
Yes, the unit can only reach it's efficiency if the duct system can deliver the air to the home. Undersized ductwork puts a strain on the unit that will shorten the compressor life, cause the unit to overflow the condensate drain and damage drywall, and cost you more to operate. In testing throughout the US the average unit delivers only 65% of the units airflow due to inadequate ducts, costing homeowners thousands of dollars per year in wasted energy!
Is the work guaranteed?
All of Environmental Taming's work comes with a written warranty!
Is work sub contracted?
Taming uses it's own employees on every job, no sub contractors!
Should I use better filtration than throw away filters?
Yes, using better filters will allow the unit to stay cleaner allowing it to maintain it's efficiency saving you money, as well as improve indoor air quality making you feel better and make your furnishings last longer.
What is a SEER Rating?
It is the air conditioning equivalent of miles per gallon.
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