What does a new air conditioning system cost?

What does a new air conditioning system cost?

One of the questions that I am most asked is: 

What does a new air conditioner cost? 

Of course many people not knowing what they have may also mean: What does a new heat pump cost. Although this is a very difficult question to answer I will try my best to give some general guidelines.

How much is a new HVAC system? 

Buying a new home comfort system is a lot like buying a new car or a new home. There are many considerations and options to choose from as well as necessities given the way that the existing system was installed. The buyer of a new car may add on features such as power windows, built in GPS, collision avoidance systems, leather interior and stereo systems that can take the basic cost of the vehicle and nearly double it. These features will be enjoyed over thirty minutes per day average in the US. And while the average American keeps their car for five years, the average air conditioning system will be in use for fifteen years in their home and is enjoyed every minute spent in the home. For this reason getting the proper comfort to all rooms, removing dust pollen and bacteria from the air, keeping the noise level down, lowering the electric bill and getting the reliability to meet the Arizona summer head on must be addressed at the time of purchase. 

Proper air conditioner sizing is the first item that should be addressed. A computerized heat load should be done that takes into consideration the square footage of the home, wall size and construction, window size, location and number of panes, attic insulation and home direction. Once the heat load is done the proper size of the unit (the cooling and heating BTU’s necessary) as well as the airflow will have been determined.

Ductwork is the next consideration, is it properly sized so that each room will get the proper air flow in order to be comfortable in summer and winter? It may be necessary to upgrade the supply or return ductwork, possibly even adding additional returns so that the air can be delivered per the heat load at proper velocities. Proper sealing of the duct system so that all of the air being cooled or heated is returned to the home, cooling the attic is very expensive. Ductwork that is insufficient for the new unit will cause the unit to use more energy than it has too, run too long, and prevent the unit from delivering the proper comfort as well as cause premature degradation of the system.

Other options that should be considered are:

  • Thermostat, programmable, multipoint averaging, wifi features
  • Registers to deliver proper flows
  • Multiple stage units
  • Humidification for comfort and health
  • Air Filtration: standard, media, 1” electronic, full electronic
  • Noise attenuation
  • Ultraviolet Air Purification
  • Zoning Systems
  • Unit mounting pads
  • Copper line sets
  • Line set covers

There are many options and when someone receives a quote from our company, we thoroughly examine each option as to educate the homeowner on the option’s benefits as to identify its overall importance to the success of the project.

When an inquiry is made as to how much a new air conditioner will cost, the extent of the installation is a key factor. Is the unit a roof mounted package type system, is it an attic mount air handler with an outdoor condenser, or is the furnace or air handler closet mounted? How much duct work will be needed to match to the new unit?

Roof mount package systems: 

When we install these systems we include crane cost, basic thermostat, duct transition or roof elbow, electrical disconnect, condensate drain and custom stand. These systems will start at $2950 up to $7800 depending on the size and efficiency of the equipment.

Closet Mounted Furnace and Outdoor A/C : 

When we install these unit we include duct transition, Gas valve and flex line, electrical disconnect, basic thermostat, and condensate drain. These systems start as low as $2569 and run up to $12,609 depending on the size and efficiency of the system chosen.

Attic mounted heat pump systems: 

These systems also include basic thermostats, electrical disconnect, duct transition and condensate drains. These systems will run $3704 to $12,387 depending on size, efficiency and stages of cooling and heating.

Having worked and installed units in the valley for the last 38 years we have the answers that you are looking for in your new Cooling and heating system.

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